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Samsung CLP-510 CLP510 Service Repair Reset Manual Download
Location: Shortcut to Homepage /Service Manual/Samsung Printer/Samsung CLP-510 CLP510 Service Repair Reset Manual Download
Samsung CLP-510 CLP510 Service Repair Reset Manual Download

Product Information

What you get:
   Download link to a CD-Image that you write/make to a CD-R or CD-RW and boot with that disk.

  You can use WinXP, Nero, etc.

  • If you want to get this on a CD (with full driver of Windows, Linux, etc) please add $4.50 and a CD will be mailed to you with a tracking number.
  • One of the best free CD writing software is ImgBurn :



  • These are the same manuals that Service Professionals use to troubleshoot, disassemble and repair SAMSUNG CLP-510 series printers - CLP-510, CLP-510N, CLP-510XIP,CLP-510XIX. These are in Adobe Acrobat v.6 or higher (.pdf) format on Compact Disc (CD) -(It is a compilation with some original documents and instructions. Some of the instructions are NOT found in other listings unless that is a copy of my CD; and for this reason some of the files are as "For Your Eyes Only".)
  • User guide in PDF and/or DOC format.
  • Example of repair: you see some regular fading with a spacing of 75.36 m.m. - what could be the problem ? How to replace the fuser unit ?[Not the fuser in this case :-) ]
  • Number of Pages: 684 pages total for: CLP-510n-228, CLP510/xip-228 & CLP-510/xix- 228(Almost identical).
  • Support: I provide 3 days technical support after receipt of the CD. This includes extra information to reset your various consumables - Toner,
    Drum, Waste toner container, etc. However, to reset the toner cartridges, you need to make a small three wire connector that works through a compatible parallel port(*). This is particularly suitable for the NEW purchase of CLP-510 where you can continue to print using your STARTER toner cartridges that gives "Toner Empty" message after 2000 pages(or 5000 pages in HY) - even with toner powder inside.
  • ***If you are still unable to Reset the number of pages of your toner cartridge, send the four chips (as described on the CD) to me and I shall reset them. You pay for the USPS mailing cost;- return must be with a tracking number from my end: Priority or First Class Parcel post. This is one time offer i.e. one reset as I cannot afford more time for this.***
  • The extra stuff besides the repair manual you get are:

a. Toner Cartridge Reset software utility.(**)
b. How to remove and install a new chip for toner cartridge- available on ebay for $10~$15. If you can reset using the software on the CD, you don't need this.
c. How to refill Toner cartridge,
d. How to clean/fix waste toner error message.
e. How to convert you existing chip to a auto-reset chip - that lasts forever (well virtually :-) - you only refill toner {Saving of $40 each time for 4 toners}
f. NB: Used as instructed, it NEVER gives an "INVALID TONER" that sometimes happen when you use the stand-alone resetter (not the chips) that is shipped with some Toner powder refill kits

**This Cartridge Reset Software specially works well in pure DOS mode. The CD is bootable to DOS. To reset black you just type the following three lines (in light blue):
    C:\> D:  (where D: is your CD rom)
    D:\> CD DOS
    D:\> dost  /r black  (dost is actually different in the real CD)
In the same way you can reset all the colors.


[If you are interested in Renewing Toner Cartridges which cost most to replace then you might consider buying this reset/renew device: RESET device]
Based on requests of some user of ebay, (see the user's question from Hong Kong)you can buy only the instructions and the design schematic from here.

You can download the files:download

This CD is not manufactured by Samsung, The logo on the CD reflects the usage on repairing Samsung CLP-510 series & the logo is copyrighted by Samsung.

Here is the picture of the connector (You need to buy the parts)-

(You get these parts from Radioshack, Frys, etc)



(*) Please note that most new laptops/notebooks are not supplied with parallel port. Only high cost USB to parallel port works there. And this works with good quality parallel port of desktops. NOT all parallel port works. My Tecra expansion station works while hp does not work. So, I cannot guarantee that yours will work !
Here is a link to a free software that you might use to determine if yours will work or not. Click Here(http:/ Or click here: (
The pin voltage should be around 5.00v. Confirm that by using a multimeter.
Before buying, you may also try Radioshack RS-232 Mini-Tester (Radio Shack 276-1401 or equivalent)--the LEDs are brightly lit in compatible parallel ports. It is for com port, but found that this way you can test it.

Some comments from buyers of this product:
* Excellent seller. As advertised. Provided support as promised. I'd buy again..
* Thank You - fast ship and nice CD manual A++++
* Delivered CD and extra information as promised.

* Excellent seller. As advertised. Provided support as promised. I'd buy again..* Thank You - fast ship and nice CD manual A++++* Delivered CD and extra information as promised.You can also buy a serial port or USB version from:



b.  Personal Cheque, Money Order, Cashier's Cheque.
c.  You can pay through secure checkout:


  • Shipping: NO physical shipping, download link is e-mailed after clearing of payment.
  • If you want to get this on a CD (with full driver of Windows, Linux, etc) please add $4.50 and a CD will be mailed to you with a tracking number.


Please e-mail me if you have any questions: or to the above e-mail address.

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